Monday, October 15, 2012

My Why

My Why

I am a Beachbody Coach and a personal trainer because I used to be fat.  I used to get teased everyday at school.  I was called horrible names like; whale, blubber, beached whale, fatty, chubs etc.  Every mean name you can think of I was called it.  From grade 3 until grade 10 when I got my weight under control.  I know how hard it is everyday to be teased, feel like you are worthless and that no one likes you. I am a Coach and a trainer so I  can help end the cycle of teasing and bullying in young children.  It does happen as a an adult but adults tend to do it behind peoples back so they can`t hear what they say and some feelings are spared.  My heart aches to know there are kids out there being teased everyday because of how they look.  I do this so as an adult we can move past those horrible years, find out who we really are and shine.  I do this for my daughter so she can be confident, healthy and not have the fear of going to school everyday because she will get teased.  I do this for my son`s so they can be healthy and confident and know that teasing is wrong. I do this for my 3 children so they can stand up to bullies on the playground and defend the ones who haven`t found their voice yet.

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