Friday, August 12, 2011

Size Matters....?

I recently finished Jennifer Weiner's book, Good in Bed and it was fabulous! She is such a good writer. However, I found myself relating to the main character Cannie a lot; however my Dad, did not tell me I was fat and useless, he was quite the opposite! But I can relate to Cannie's feelings of being a "larger woman". Ok, well I'm not HUGE but I am definitely not a size 4 and will never be. Over the years I've come to accept that I will always be outside of the "norm" of size 4 or 6. But really shouldn't the norm be a size 10, 12 or even 14 nowadays? It's unfortunate that magazines still show super thin models that probably only drink coffee then make themselves throw up (ok, I know generalizations but it may be true in some cases!)

There needs to be more fashion and acceptance for what I am now calling the norm for woman in north america. I've come across some great agencies that are for "plus" sized models, one agency is Ben Barry and another model that I am now following is Tali Giat, she's gorgeous and has some really fab ideas about fashion for women who are now the norm.

It bothers me when I hear of girls, not women, girls, who are starting diets at age 7 and what bothers me even more is that they are most likely getting their ideas from their mothers and fathers. Yes media has an influence but really, it comes down to the parents. We as a society need to stop this behaviour and accept everyone for who they are. I am not encouraging people to gain a tonne of weight, I am a big advocater for people being healthy; daily exercise, nutritious food and everything in moderation.

When I finished the book, Good in Bed, I was so sad! I want(ed) to be Cannie's friend (and she was friends with a famous super star who would buy her a lot of stuff and they would party a lot, I mean who doesn't want to be friends with a celebrity that is actually super cool? Ok, well this celebrity wasn't actually real but she could be?!) I tend to want a book to continue after I'm reading, I don't want my imagination to do the work, I want to just read it!

Change starts with you :)

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