Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nana's House

My beautiful babies are growing up, they will be 3 years old next month. Yes, 3. I still can't believe it either. I remember being pregnant with them and thinking to myself ( I swear to god) that I would never have them.  Then eventually when I did give birth they would come out and one would be doing calculus while the other would be playing the piano.  So when I actually went into labour I was shocked.  I didn't have anything ready, thankfully my dear husband was super calm (read: he actually panicked), so while I gathered my stuff (read: too much crap for the babies that so weren't necessary -toe nail polish for Chloe and a truck for Thomas, in addition to about a gazillion outfits) I had to keep husband calm, wake my sleeping big boy up and drive myself to the hospital.
Yes that's right, I had to drive (it wasSaturday night at midnight, husband had some beers.  Like I said earlier, I never ever thought I would have these babies so when he suggested he maybe shouldn't have some beers, I replied with a "are you crazy?  I'm never having these kids, ever. I will be a grumpy, raging hormonal mess for years."  Huh, looks like I was the fool). 
I was petrified of a few things:
1- Ruining the seat of my SUV with my nasty water than was leaking out of me like a slow, not quite turned off faucet.
2 - No way in hell was I giving birth on the side of the 417 highway, no way, no how, not ever.
3 - Getting pulled over for speeding because I was going super fast down the highway (Don't get your panties in a bunch, I was only going 120 km's) and then the police officer I went to high school with, used to party with and do vodka shots with would have to look at my hoo-ha and tell me to push. OMG, ya that's not happening. 
I so got side-tracked, anyways, I did make it the hospital, with plenty of time before labour progressed and husband got to have a nice nap with heated blankets that nurses kept changing every 30 mins while I panicked in my bed, having to pee a trillion times and realizing that I am almost a mother to 3 and wondering if any of them will be good at calculus and who will play the piano for our Christmas concerts….and how soon after I give birth can I pull out a bottle of wine I have in my bag???
Now the "babies" (who really aren't babies anymore, but I can't help calling them that! So it will stay for now) are getting to me amazing little people.  One of their favourite things to do is go to Nana's house ( my mother…) The questions are constant about when can we go to Nana's house. Here is a recent conversation I had with them:
Yesterday Morning
Chloe: We go nana's house?
Me: No, not today, we have to go to Ann's house. We will see Nana on the weekend.
Thomas: we go Nana's house?  Me want nana
Me: No, not today, we have to go to Ann's house. We will see Nana on the weekend.
Yesterday After Daycare
Thomas: Yay Nana's house!
Me: No Thomas, not today, on the weekend we will go see Nana, 4 more days.
Chloe: Me want Nana an Papa
Me: I know, we will see them soon.
Jonathan: Jordan (my brother) and I beat Taboo (video game) and he did this ( I kind of tuned out when he was explaining to me how they did it…)
This morning:
Thomas: Me want Nana.  Me want to go to Nana's house.....crying
Me: I know sweetheart, we will see Nana soon.
Thomas: more crying
Chloe: Mommeee, me go see Nana?!!!!
Me: No, Chlo, on the weekend, we have to go to Ann's house today.
Thomas: more crying, me want nana! more crying....he then flops back down on his bed and refuses to get out.
Me: Come on Thomas, we will see Nana soon! 
Thomas: NO
Chloe: We go see nana on eekend?
Me: We sure can
This morning when we get into the car:
Thomas: Yay me go Nana's house!!!
Me: (shaking my head) Aww Thomas's I know you want to see Nana, we will see her on the weekend.
Chloe: Ok.
Thomas: No!
Me: Thomas we can go see Nana in 4 more sleeps.
Thomas: more crying..
I did take them to Nana's house on Saturday and they loved every moment of it!  As soon as we left and got home the questions/comments continued, "we go nana's house?", "me want nana", "I miss nana", "we see nana on eekend"?
Oy vey!  I think they like their Nana's house…. ;)

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