Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Journey Day 1

This was originally posted on December 28, 2011...

I am now 32 years old, have three children, have been married for 9 years and have not been the kindest to myself over the last two years.  Mind you, I did have two babies who are now 2 years old and I was in bad car accident that left me with two plates and twelve screws in my ankle.  I am better now and I want to re-focus on myself and my overall health.  I am tired of pants being just a wee-bit too tight and looking at my flabby arms when I wear a t-shirt.  I know I can be toned and fit, I was there, I changed peoples lives by teaching them how to be healthy and fit and I want that again for me.  I want to motivate you to do the same by following my journey and seeing that hard work and discipline really does pay off!

Our lives can get so hectic and chaotic that it's hard to find the time to focus on yourself.  If you are tired of feeling like crap, being grumpy, your thighs rubbing together when you walk, then join me in my journey to become healthy and fit again.  I am going to blog about my progress, what I eat, what I do for exercise, how I'm feeling and what results I achieve.

In no particular order here are  my goals (you should list your goals too!!):

- lose baby weight
-lose stomach (you know that "baby pouch" that you get on your lower abdomen from carrying over 20lbs of baby, not all at once, but 13 of those were at the same time and 9.8lbs was the other)
-tone arms and legs to see real definition
-eat better so I am not hungry all the time and wanting chocolate when I should be eating a salad *sigh*
-have thighs that don't rub together
-help others by documenting my journey in hopes of motivating you to do the same

Day 1 - Wednesday December 28, 2011 Food Journal

2 small pieces of white toast (homemade bread) with 1 tbsp of strawberry jam
Extra large coffee with two cream and two sweetner (splenda)

1 pita with two tbsp of hummus
2 cups of veggies; cucumber, yellow pepper and red pepper
1 non fat yogurt
1 pear

Afternoon Snack:
1/4 cup of trail mix
Peppermint tea

1.5 cups of homemade turkey soup
2 squares of hershey chocolate

20 minutes of high intensity elliptical trainer, calories burned was 233 and 10 minutes of strength training.  Exercises included; bicep curls, hammer curls, chest press, tricep lift and front lift with 2 5lbs weights.  Each exercise was done for 15 repetitions and 2 sets.  I then did 3 minutes of stretching.  I was very pleased with my workout today!  I was not as out of breath as I thought I would be, considering I hadn't exercised in weeks and was not very good over the Christmas holiday. I also thoroughly enjoyed my time alone!  I put my headphones on, worked as hard as I could and didn't really think of anything else, other than my workout.

What do I want to do different tomorrow:
I need to eat more protein, less white bread and drink more water. I am also going to take measurements and weigh myself.  I will post measurements but don't know if I am brave enough yet to post my weight!

Until tomorrow.... :) 

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